Restorative Yoga Workshop

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Restorative Yoga

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”
Amit Ray

CHANGE THIS COPY // THIS IS PLACEHOLDER // Welcome to Sage Corporate Yoga, Toronto’s custom corporate yoga service. We’re here to help calm your mind and strengthen your body. We bring yoga classes and workshops to you at your workplace.

Long hours, short deadlines, continuous sitting or standing, and demanding work and life schedules take their toll on the mind and body. Over time this can affect quality of life and productivity. We can’t avoid all the stresses in our lives but we can manage them better!

Our workplace yoga classes are flexible and tailored to the needs of your workplace environment, be it standing or sitting all day, using a computer, or lifting heavy items. Our practice helps you build a healthier and stronger body and promotes peace and mindfulness that counteracts your day-to-day stresses.


Kane Shieh

“Learning from Roxana is an amazing experience. Her guidance is gentle, yet firm. She takes you to your limits, then gently and safely takes you beyond them for an incredible and expanding experience. Truly a gifted teacher!”

Andy Jang

“Roxana is an awesome yoga teacher. She is thorough in her practice, detailed on form, she is very good at aligning and stretching the body in a very healing way. I love and look forward to every class!”

Kevin Blagrave

“I was wary of yoga, thinking it required extreme flexibility, but the first class I attended with Roxy changed all of that! The class was laid out in a very straightforward, fluid way and was accessible to everyone — from beginners like myself to those experienced individuals who had obviously been to many classes. Thanks Roxy!”

Joanna M.

“Roxy is a skilled and passionate yoga teacher. Her sense of humor and genuine approachability make her classes a treat. She always brings a balance of friendliness, core yoga theory, and modern day application to create classes that always leave me feeling peaceful and strong! ”

Marlan Globerson

“Roxana is a qualified and enthusiastic yoga instructor. She is very good at adapting yoga instruction to accommodate the circumstance and abilities of her students. I really enjoy her teaching style.”

Michael Carey

“The way she catered to all abilities was quite impressive; I didn’t feel left behind, as she always offered an option that even a neophyte like myself was able to perform. The language she used to describe our energy also reverberated with me, allowing me to become more aware of myself — both within and in relation to the environment around me. ”

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