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“How you do yoga is how you do life.”
Troy Turi

Lifestyle and nutritional counseling are our expertise.  We offer private counseling sessions.

We also offer yoga classes such as Hatha, Flow, Restorative and Yin Yoga, as well as Meditation classes. By incorporating asana (yoga postures), breath work, and meditation we help you find peace and balance in your body and mind, helping you to handle stress better.

Our classes are available as:

  • Private classes (one-on-one or groups)
  • Community classes – public
  • Corporate classes
  • Teacher training classes – Kids Yoga and Restorative Yoga Continuing Education Provider
  • Workshops
  • Family and kids classes

Group, private, and semi-private classes are available by appointment. Our community classes are available at local Toronto locations. Check our community yoga schedule here.

Whether you’re a beginner, advanced or anywhere in between, we have something sure to soothe your nerves and strengthen your body. Find a class that suits your needs today!

All Levels

Suitable for all students, from beginners to advanced. A mixed class that offers the opportunity to go deeper. These classes incorporate mixed-level asanas, breathwork, and meditation.

Yoga Essentials

A beginner class that even advanced practitioners will relish. We take you back to the core foundation of yoga practice, where the first relaxed natural high swept over you, and you learned what your body could do.


A vinyasa-inspired class sure to get your blood and energy moving. Move dynamically through creative sequences using your breath to immerse yourself in the experience.


A discovery-based yoga experience that opens you to a whole new world of yoga. Did you know that twists start from the bottom of the spine?


Using gentle postures and props, the body and nervous system restores its vital energy, relaxes, and taps into its natural healing potential.

Suitable and recommended for all levels of experience and perfect as complement to more Yang styles of yoga and other activities such as running.


While holding deep stretching postures, the joint and nervous system restore their vital energy, relax, and let go of layers of tension.

Suitable and recommended for all levels of experience.


Our signature class offering a blend of Hatha Yoga, Restorative and Yin Yoga. A perfect dose of movement and meditation to strengthen your body and mind. Move creatively through dynamic sequences and feel your inner strength increase as your body sheds layers of tension.


This class teaches us how to be present in the moment, through the practice of mindfulness and meditation. A variety of guided and silent exercises will be used to help us sit in the present moment with open hearts.


We offer a selection of classes, please check the classes page for the option that appeals to your team the most. Choose the time frame that works for you and let us know when booking your session.

Private one-on-one sessions (*Extra $10 for each additional participant)

60 min.


75 min.


90 min.


Group of four to 15 people:

45 min.


75 min.


90 min.


* For groups of 15 or more students, add an extra $5.00 per person after 15 people.

Corporate / Private Retreats / Special Occasions:
Bring your favorite yoga teacher with you!
Rates:  $500 per day plus expenses
Includes up to 3 yoga classes per day

*Prices do not include HST. Prices do not include mat rental or purchase.
**Extra fees apply for travel outside of the City of Toronto

Public Yoga Class Schedule

You can also join us for one of our community classes available at studios around Toronto. Check often as the schedule changes regularly and we may just add a class close enough to walk over already in your gear.

Public Yoga Class Prices
Drop-in class $25/class
5 class pass – $110 ($22/class
10 class pass – $200 ($20/class)

Wednesdays (weekly starting January 9th, No class March 13th)
Toronto Tao Sangha
375 Jane St
Toronto, ON
M6S 3Z3

Empower Yoga – 10am – 11:30am – CLASSES ENDED FOR 2019

Suitable for all students, from beginners to advanced. A mixed class that offers the opportunity to go deeper using restorative yoga, yin yoga, and hatha. These classes incorporate asana, breathwork, and meditation.

Register via email form

Wednesdays (weekly starting January 9th, No class March 13th)
Vivid Health
2312 Bloor Street West A
Toronto, ON
M6S 1P2

Empower Yoga (lunchtime class) – CLASSES ENDED FOR 2019

Suitable for all students, from beginners to advanced. A mixed class that offers the opportunity to go deeper using restorative yoga, yin yoga, and hatha. These classes incorporate asana, breathwork, and meditation.

Register today at Vivid Health!

Fridays (weekly starting February 1st, No class March 15th)
Toronto Aikikai
58 Ritchie Ave
Toronto, ON
M6R 2J9

Hatha Yoga – 11:00am-12:15pm – CLASSES ENDED FOR 2019

The classes will blend movement, breath, and meditation with an emphasis on alignment and flexibility and will help build strength and an understanding of Yoga.

Yoga class is suitable for all students, from beginners to advanced. Yoga practice is beneficial to:

– Improve flexibility and balance
– Strengthen and lubricate joints
– Relax the nervous system
– Decrease stress response
– Improve body functions
– Improve awareness, mental, and physical strength
– Feel renewed and restored
– Learn breathing and meditation techniques.

Everyone is welcome, and no experience or flexibility are necessary. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring your own Yoga mat!

Toronto Aikikai Members receive 20% off!

Register via the contact form.


Kane Shieh

“Learning from Roxana is an amazing experience. Her guidance is gentle, yet firm. She takes you to your limits, then gently and safely takes you beyond them for an incredible and expanding experience. Truly a gifted teacher!”

Andy Jang

“Roxana is an awesome yoga teacher. She is thorough in her practice, detailed on form, she is very good at aligning and stretching the body in a very healing way. I love and look forward to every class!”

Kevin Blagrave

“I was wary of yoga, thinking it required extreme flexibility, but the first class I attended with Roxy changed all of that! The class was laid out in a very straightforward, fluid way and was accessible to everyone — from beginners like myself to those experienced individuals who had obviously been to many classes. Thanks Roxy!”

Joanna M.

“Roxy is a skilled and passionate yoga teacher. Her sense of humor and genuine approachability make her classes a treat. She always brings a balance of friendliness, core yoga theory, and modern day application to create classes that always leave me feeling peaceful and strong! ”

Marlan Globerson

“Roxana is a qualified and enthusiastic yoga instructor. She is very good at adapting yoga instruction to accommodate the circumstance and abilities of her students. I really enjoy her teaching style.”

Michael Carey

“The way she catered to all abilities was quite impressive; I didn’t feel left behind, as she always offered an option that even a neophyte like myself was able to perform. The language she used to describe our energy also reverberated with me, allowing me to become more aware of myself — both within and in relation to the environment around me. ”

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